If an exceptional style is what you want, the Acura ILX is the solution. This luxury vehicle is exquisitely designed from the inside-out. It has a sporty look that's refreshing and intriguing. It's worth noting that the ILX is an affordable vehicle that boasts a significant number of features.


The Acura ILX has a powertrain that's likely to provide the type of driving experience that you desire. Many drivers in the Los Angeles area will appreciate the amount of horsepower generated. There's also a quality transmission that further elevates the driving experience. You'll delight in the capabilities of the ILX when driving on winding or bumpy roads. In the world of luxury vehicles, the ILX shows you how upscale should look and feel. You can see it for yourself here at Center Acura in Sherman Oaks. The ILX is refined and has character.


You can also expect to get a lot in the area of safety. That's because of the AcuraWatch system that provides a vast number of features. The driver assistance technologies can help you with parking, seeing what's in a blind spot, and mitigating the chances of a forward collision. These are just a few examples of how Acura prioritizes safety, which is evident in all the standard equipment.


What technology features do you desire to have in your car? If you want to access your smartphone, listen to music with incredible sound and access maps with accurate information, you should check out the Acura ILX. Every consideration was made when it comes to modern technology to enhance your driving experience.

It's always great to save money whenever possible. That's another reason why you'll appreciate driving an Acura ILX. It has great fuel economy that's competitive in its class. You can run errands and take trips without breaking the bank. If you're seeking reasons to consider the ILX, this is one of many. Incredible style, plenty of tech features, a commitment to safety and outstanding fuel efficiency add up to produce a top-notch vehicle that you'll love to drive.

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