I have to give Center Acura service 5 stars. I bought my car when it was keyes acura and had a semi-happy first few service experience with them, but center has blown keyes service out the door, even with the same staff (for the first year or two).

In anycase my baby Roxy (2009 Vortex Blue TSX) is babied by Center. Jim, Scott, Jason and Matt (no longer there) took care of my baby. I got almost 120K and its been pretty much trouble free. What trouble I've had, they have fixed promptly. They've offered me loaners, and also dropped and picked me up. The dealer does a good job and I dont mind Roxy getting the five star treatment. I will admit Sabine (2011 Mazda Miata) does not get the same level of service that Roxy gets at her dealership.

I will continue to take my car to Center Acura, I know they take care of my car and I am treated very well. Why would I go else where. I will continue to bring my car to Center.
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