After 10 years of driving the same car, it was time.  And an Acura is a significant upgrade comparably, so it was with some general trepidation that our car shopping experience began.

However, it couldn't have been better, thanks to Chris (and the folks at Center).  Not the least bit pushy, but you could tell that he believes in the product (specifically the ILX), which is the confidence I appreciate with such a big purchase, as well as the breathing room to mull things over!  

Super knowledgeable on the product, able to point out all the features without slandering other brands, and respective of the fact that we had originally been in the market to look at another, albeit very different, brand.

However, after going to drive the "other" car and dealing with that dealership, I'll have a hard time ever going to another dealer other than Center again.

Though under construction, I love their setup, it's quiet, clean, sleek, without salesman stalking like vultures for their next prey.  It's overall a more organic experience, everyone's calm, no one's curing cancer... there's room to breathe and feel good about your purchase.  Doesn't hurt also that we got a killer deal, which was unexpected to be honest, and Chris rocked.  He won't lead you astray.
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