These guys used to be "Keys Acura", the number one Acura dealer in California.  They got bought out and now they are "Center Acura".  Across the street they have a "Center BMW" dealership also.  So this is just a Center family of high quality imports.

I had been looking for a car and as usual searching the internet for a good deal.  I found a several that I liked.  The thing was that 3 of the 4-5 that I had found sold their vehicles within days of me discovering them.  I was like wow!  These cars are selling fast.  

I found a car that I liked here.  Yeah it's a bit out of my way but that's ok.  The car was a good deal.  However, the best experience was spending time with David Mills.  He is really the best in bread of professional.  Center has an exceptional high caliber person on their payroll and I hope they realize it.

If you're tired of the run of the mill over eager salesman, go see Dave.  

You'll walk out with the car that you want and feel great about it.
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