I started my day intent on buying a different vehicle. But I thought I'd give Acura a try when I saw their deals on the website. Very glad I did. My salesman Chris was incredible. Very knowledgable about the car. It very much came across that believed in the vehicles he was selling. Incredibly professional and helpful, just a straight forward vet that made me feel that my time and business was respected. He was a huge factor in why I chose Acura.

I ended up getting the deal as advertised. Their finance department helped me through the process. Everyone was polite and confident. Didn't believe in the morning that I was going to be an Acura owner by dinner. But that's what happened.

The new space, while not finished, was a huge difference from other car dealerships. Rather than the rows of cubicles, it's a huge open space that didn't make me feel crammed in like cattle. It was the most refreshing experience after going from dealership to dealership. MAde the whole process enjoyable and relaxing.

I can only speak for my own experience. But the experience I had was so wonderful. Cannot recommend this place enough. Just talk to Chris.
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