Nickie L.

Now that I'm officially grown up, I've decided to purchase a new Acura. I originally came in a couple weeks ago to look at an ILX, but ended up falling in love with the new TLX. Steve Woods took us around for a couple of test drives and answered any questions that we had. He was super friendly and not pushy at all. My husband and him bonded over their love for Kershaw and sports. He gave us an information booklet and his card for the TLX, but didn't ask us for our information. There were no stalking phone calls or emails!

Our experience the next couple weeks: We spent countless hours searching online sites for competitive pricing. My sister purchased her TSX from Cerritos and also had a great experience at Weir Canyon, so suggested we go there. We also stopped by the Calabassas dealership as well, as a mutual friend recommended. We were bombarded with emails and phone calls from different dealerships around (thank you True Car).

In the end, we made an appointment to see Steve Woods. He seemed like a good guy and not your typical classification of a "salesman".  I came in to trade in my dad's 99 TL and I swear my heart hurt doing it. Acura's are dependable and loyal cars! Center Acura of Sherman Oaks was one of three dealerships in Southern CA that had the color combo that I wanted (well, this is my second choice as my first choice wasn't available anywhere in the model that I wanted). The negotiations weren't too painful and everyone was beyond friendly.  I had a time crunch so we were in and put within a few hours.  We didn't do an all day camp out because it wasn't needed! We were given a great price for a brand new 2015 TLX. In looking at True Car, we were given a hell of a deal.

Center Acura of Sherman Oaks has an incredible sales team. We spoke to Arman, the sales manager, re pricing and he was unbelievably genuine. There was a level of comfort I felt with them, so my gut told me this was fair, if not good. Melanie did our financing paperwork and was super friendly. I was beyond impressed by their overall professionalism (there was a man that came in freaking out and yelling about coolant when we were there and they handled it with upmost professionalism) towards all of their customers.

Thank you guys for making my first new car purchasing experience so pleasant!!! We will definitely be back one day for the RDX or MDX!!!
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